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Alfred's Basic All-in-One Adult Piano Course

Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, the most popular and successful piano course ever written, has just been given a new dimension. Along with the Lesson pages that teach the concepts and fundamentals of music, Theory and Technic pages have been added. Now, for the first time within one book, an adult beginner can learn all that is needed to perform successfully.

Lesson pages are designed to provide a basic course of instruction that contains all the concepts and fundamentals needed to perform

Theory pages give beginners an added understanding of music not possible in any other way. Every concept and principle introduced in the Lesson pages is reinforced. Additional drills in note recognition make this a valuable aid in developing reading skills. Important tips are presented that make learning chord progressions easier.

Technic pages offer suggestions for the proper care of your hands. Most adult beginners feel awkward at the keyboard because of stiffness in their fingers, hands and wrists. They have trouble with coordination, and they feel they could play much better if the muscular agility and flexibility of their hands could somehow be made to keep pace with their comprehension.

At the completion of this course, the student will have learned to play some of the most popular songs ever written while gaining a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of music.

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"Alfred Basic All-in-One Adult Piano Course"
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Code Name Price  
AL12061    Alfred Color Coded Flash Cards $8.99   
AL1900    Alfred Basic Adult Piano Course Level 1 - Flash Cards $9.95   
AL2642    Alfred Lesson Assignment & Daily Practice Record Book $3.99   
AL5753    Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course - Level 1 Bk $19.99   
AL5756    Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course - L1 Book w/CD $20.99   
AL11282    Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course - Lev1 CD only $11.99   
AL16505    Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Greatest Hits Book 1 $9.99   
AL17385    Alfred All-in-One Adult - Level 1 Merry Christmas! $7.99   
AL14514    Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course - Level 2 Book $17.99   
AL14534    Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course - Level 2 Bk w/CD $20.99   
AL16506    Alfred Basic Adult Piano Course Level 2 - Greatest Hits $9.99   
AL18128    Alfred All-in-One Adult - Level 2 Merry Christmas! $7.99   
AL14540    Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course - Level 3 Book *Limited Quantities $15.99   
AL3088    Alfred Basic Adult Piano Course Level 1 - Finger Aerobics $8.99   
AL36617    Alfred Adult All-in-One Bk 3+CD $19.99   

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