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The Neil A. Kjos Music Publishing Company offers an outstanding selection of books for the piano teacher. Bastien Piano Methods are the teacher's choice in piano pedagogy. Written by piano teachers for piano teachers, James Bastien, Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien, and Lori Bastien apply over 40 years experience to the world's leading piano method.


Bastien Piano Party available today at Allegro Music Online.The Bastiens’ Invitation to Music series uses a gradual multi-key approach, guiding children from pre-staff notation to staff reading. Illustrations and activities that are fun and instructional enhance learning and heighten interest. Ideal for children 4 and up. Piano Party is the core book for all four levels of the Bastiens’ Invitation to Music series.

   Bastien Piano Party


Bastien Very Young Pianist available today at Allegro Music Online.A delightful series of books containing lesson material for very young beginners, ages 4 – 7. Book 1 introduces numbers (1 – 5), letters (A – G), and basic rhythms. Presents short, pre-staff pieces in the 5-finger positions of C and G. Introduces the I chord for harmonization of melodies. 

Book 2 continues a variety of pre-staff experiences and leads gradually into note reading in C, G, and F. Directional reading is taught by steps, skips, and jumps. 

Book 3 contains a charming selection of familiar folk tunes and original pieces, notated in 5-finger position in all 12 keys and middle C position. Intervals through the 5th are presented. Oversized staves are custom-made for pre-schoolers and enjoyable activities are very appealing to very young children! After completing Book 3, the student will be adequately prepared for further piano study in Bastien Piano Basics.

   Bastien Very Young Pianist



Bastien Piano for the Young Beginner available today at Allegro Music Online. This Primer series for young beginners (ages 5 – 6) begins with pre-staff notation, and proceeds to reading on the grand staff using a traditional middle C approach. The combination of original, folk, and seasonal songs, and full-color artwork makes learning a treat. Students who complete both Primers A and B are ready for Level 1 of Bastien Piano Basics.

   Bastien Piano for the Young Beginner

BASTIEN PIANO BASICSBastien Piano Basics available today at Allegro Music Online.

The Bastien Piano Basics method is comprised of five completely correlated course books — PIANO, THEORY, PERFORMANCE, TECHNIC, and A LINE A DAY SIGHT READING. Bastien Piano Basics uses a gradual multi-key approach, with reading beginning in the C five-finger position. Five levels of carefully graded lesson material provide constant opportunities for reinforcing basic concepts. It's the smoothest, most heart-warming, most entertaining, most musical way to teach eager youngsters the joys of playing the piano. And comprehensive, page-by-page correlation makes Bastien Piano Basics remarkably easy to teach!

   Bastien Piano Basics


Bastien Piano Basics CDs available today at Allegro Music Online.The NEW Bastien Piano Basics Accompaniment CDs are an important motivational tool designed to enhance students' home practice. Developed from the highly acclaimed Bastien Piano Basics General Midi Orchestrations by Paul Sheftel, special care has been taken to ensure that the tempos presented are pedagogically effective and just right for home practice. Students will find the opportunity to practice with accompaniments FUN, FUN, FUN!

Each 2-CD Set contains accompaniments for virtually every exercise in the Piano, Performance, and Technic books in the corresponding level of the Bastien Piano Basics. Students will love the ease of use; a CD player is the only hardware requirement. Priced affordably at just $12.95 Each, every student should have a set!  Available for Primer through Level 4.

  Bastien Piano Basics


Bastien Older Beginner Piano Course available today at Allegro Music Online.

Teenagers and adults make rewarding, but challenging, beginning students. The Bastien’s Older Beginner Piano Course was written specifically for the requirements and desires of students with many demands on their time. This comprehensive method assumes no prior knowledge, and incorporates theory and technique exercises into a fun-filled course of study. Clear, precise graphics illustrate new concepts and large notes make reading easier. It's plain to see why The Older Beginner Piano Course is the method of choice for many recreational piano students and beginning piano classes at numerous colleges!

The harmonic chord approach used in The Older Beginner Piano Course is ideal for students who want the feel of "making real music" from the start. Peppered with pleasing piano arrangements of popular folk and classical melodies, the course also includes attractive and accessible pop and blues pieces to add spice with a modern flair.

Bastien Older Beginner Piano Course


Bastien Piano Library available today at Allegro Music Online.The Bastien Piano Library is an integrated course of study containing method books, related theory and technic books, and a wide variety of supplementary materials, including Music Flashcards, specifically correlated solo and sight reading books, and a note speller. The Bastien Piano Library also offers the option of beginning with either a "contemporary" approach (featuring pre-staff notation and first staff reading in G, then C, then middle C) or a "traditional"  approach (featuring Middle C reading and the C five-finger position). Solid and comprehensive ... A time-tested approach for beginners ages 7 – 11

Bastien Piano Library


Bastien Piano for Adults available today at Allegro Music Online.Everything your adult beginner needs in one book!

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