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Alfred Premier Piano Express Book 2 w/CD
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An All-In-One Accelerated Course

By Dennis Alexander, Gayle Kowalchyk, E. L. Lancaster, Victoria McArthur, and Martha Mier

Premier Piano Express is designed for students who need a fast-paced approach to piano study.

Based on the concepts and music from Premier Piano Course, this All-in-One Accelerated Course integrates Lesson, Theory, Technique, and Performance pages.

Book 2 continues the steady development of artistry and keyboard skills that began in Book 1.

The book is organized into skills-based units that feature clear explanations of important musical concepts.

Worksheets within each unit provide review and strengthen understanding.

Included with the book is a CD-ROM that contains both audio performances on acoustic piano and orchestrated accompaniments for selected pieces.

Accompaniments are also available for download.

UNIT 1: The C 5-Finger Pattern
UNIT 2: Dynamics and Tempo
UNIT 3: Tonic and Dominant in C
UNIT 4: Eighth Notes
UNIT 5: Tonic and Dominant in G
UNIT 6: Half and Whole Steps
UNIT 7: Major 5-Finger Patterns
UNIT 8: Interval of a 6th
UNIT 9: New Notes on the Staff
UNIT 10: Minor 5-Finger Patterns
UNIT 11: Intervals of 7ths and Octaves
UNIT 12: C and G Major Scales and Chords
UNIT 13: Dotted Quarter Note

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