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Piano Recital Music

Our Piano Recital Music page includes solo sheets and collections that are appropriate for all levels of student piano recitals.

Federation Piano Solos are included on this page.
For a listing of Federation Piano Solos only, click on the link above.


Also, check out the

Recital Suite Series (click here)

for a unique series which features landmarks & different state in the U.S.A.

All Piano Recital Music listed below is normally available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.

If you are a music teacher, please visit our "TEACHERS" page before leaving our website to apply for a 10% professional discount.


Code Name Price  
AL881124    Celebrated Piano Solos - Bk 1 - Early Elementary $7.99   
AL881125    Celebrated Piano Solos - Bk 2 - Late Elementary $6.99   
AL881270    Celebrated Piano Solos - Bk 3 - Intermediate $6.99   
AL881340    Celebrated Piano Solos - Book 4 - Early Intermed. $6.95   
AL881341    Celebrated Piano Solos - Bk 5 - Interm/Lt Interm $6.99   
FDPS00004    Sugar Cookies (Primer) **LIMITED QUANTITIES** $3.50   
AL27600    Taco Fiesta (Pre Primary) $3.50   
AL24529    Thing That is Under My Bed, The (Pre-Prim) $3.50   
WP1029    Frisbee Flyers (Level 1) $2.95   
AL21356    Drifting Flight (Level 2) $3.50   
FDPS00062    Evening Concerto # 1 (Level 2) Glover $3.50   
AL17026    Kitty Cat Blues (Elementary) $3.50   
HL50281000    My First Waltz, Opus 40, No. 1 (Elementary) $3.95   
FDPS00011    Tricky Traffic $3.50   
HL00405627    Fireflies (Late Elementary) **OUT OF STOCK** $2.95   
HL00420057    Jazz Pizzazz (Late Elementary) Lev 2B $2.50   
120-30008    March of the Wee Folk - Elementary $3.95   
HL00296741    Feelin' Happy (Primary I ) $2.99   
HL00296788    New Orleans Jamboree (Primary I ) $2.99   
MP1003    Backstage Pass (Primary II) $2.95   
AL31958    Mystery at Blackwater Creek (Prim II) $3.50   
HL00296774    Twister ( Primary II ) $2.99   
AL30582    Feelin' Good! (Primary III) $3.50   
AL25923    Tambourine Dance (Primary III) $3.50   
GPS00012    Flaming Tambourine, The (Early Interm) $3.50   
AL31954    Buffalo Stampede (Primary IV) $2.95   
P3278    Rhythm Machine (Lynn Freeman Olson Prim IV) $4.99   
AL32430    Starry Night Sonatina (Elem I) $4.99   
AL25473    Arabian Tale (Elementary II) $3.50   
AL30585    Bermuda White Caps (Elementary II) $3.50   
HL00296655    Toccata Festivo (Elem II) $2.95   
AL30589    Rain Forest Rhapsody (Elem. III) $3.50   
HL00416733    Matador, The (Elem IV) $2.99   
AL20749    Muddy Shoes Blues (Intermed) $3.50   
SM414    Joshua Tree, The (Level 4) $2.50   


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