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Succeeding...Pno-Lesson/Technique-Prep **OUT OF STOCK**
Succeeding...Pno-Lesson/Technique-Prep  **OUT OF STOCK** Quantity in Basket: None
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The Preparatory level Lesson and Technique Book provides students with material that is uniquely balanced musically and pedagogically, while providing a perfect introduction to the piano by laying a strong foundation to build upon. Reading, rhythm, technique, theory, ear training, playing by ear, music history, composition, and wonderful music by multiple composers are seamlessly integrated for a well-balanced music curriculum.

Some of the concepts covered in the Preparatory level Lesson and Technique Book include: a natural and perfect hand position; a steady beat; pre-reading and staff reading of notes from Bass C to Treble G; Guide Notes Bass F, Middle C, and Treble G; quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes; intervals of a 2nd to a 5th; repeat sign; forte and piano dynamics; two-note slurs; phrases; 8va; tie; Middle C and C position.

In addition to these concepts students learn six basic techniques in this level:
Finger, hand, & arm position, correct body alignment, posture, & a general well-being at the piano
The feeling of arm weight–being able to feel the arm "letting go" and relaxing
Flexible wrists
Two-note slurs
Weight transfer from one finger to the next
Rotation in the hands, wrists, and arms

Succeeding at the Piano * FJH MUSIC

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