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Chord Progressions: Theory and Practice **OUT OF STOCK**
Chord Progressions: Theory and Practice  **OUT OF STOCK** Quantity in Basket: None
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Everything You Need to Create and Use Chords in Every Key

By Dan Fox and Dick Weissman

No matter what instrument you play, chords are an important part of your music.

Chord Progressions: Theory and Practice breaks down how they’re important and gives you all the information you need to create chords and use them in your own music.

Start off by learning how to build simple major chords and eventually move on to more complex chords such as ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, and altered chords.

Also learn to compose your own progressions using techniques such as passing chords, neighbor chords, pedal tones, and voice leading. Finally, learn how chord progressions are used in various styles of music---from early jazz to the music of today. This book is ideal for pianists, but it can be used successfully by any musician familiar with the grand staff.

After completing this book, you will have gained a clear understanding of chords and progressions in a variety of musical styles.

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