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Twinkle Mat - Medium Size
Twinkle Mat - Medium Size Quantity in Basket: None
Product Code: TMM
Price: $22.95
Shipping Weight: 1.70 pounds
"This code (TMS) is for the medium size. Medium is for most 4 – 5 year olds. US Shoe sizes 8.5 -10
TMS is our product code for Small and TML is our product code for Large.

We all know how important the correct foot placement is for small violinists. This product has been designed and crafted to make the learning experience easier and more fun.
The Twinkle MatTM has been meticulously designed to provide effortlessly effective foot placement practice and optimal positioning for developing the essential habit of good posture. The rhythms are easy to read for you and your child. The foot placement is clear and easy to understand. The notations of the strings are located to the left, under the violin when in position. There are bow hand and violin hand reminders located slightly behind them so as to not be in line of sight. The Twinkle MatTM is made from lightweight high-density PVC foam (the same material as most yoga mats.) It is only 2mm thick and weights less than ˝ lb. It will not slip and slide while your child is standing on it and will not curl or tear. It is also washable.
The Twinkle MatTM comes in 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large. The size designation is for your child’s foot size and height. Height and correct foot placement is correlated to shoe size so please note and order accordingly. This code (TMS) is for the small size. Small is for most 2.5 - 4 year olds. US Shoe sizes 6.5 – 8 Medium is for most 4 – 5 year olds. US Shoe sizes 8.5 -10 Large is for most 5- 6+ year olds. US Shoe sizes 10.5 – 13"

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