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This collection of 30 selected works and illustrated biography is appropriate for presenting students to their first works by Mozart.

The compositions were selected based on their pedagogical value, compiled mainly from two of Mozart's early collections: Nannerls's Music Book and the London Sketchbook, in addition to several later works.

A "Guide to Playing Mozart" has been included at the end of the book.

Here a comprehensive yet straightforward explanation has been given to all stylistic and performance questions, such as dynamics, tempo, and ornamentation

Family and Education
Nannerl's Music Book
Minuet in C, Anonymous
Minuet in F, Anonymous
First Compositions
Allegro, K. 1c
Minuet and Trio, K. 1
Minuet in F, K. 2
Allegro in B Flat, K. 3
Minuet in F, K. 5
Minuet in C, K. 6, Minuet I
Minuet in F, K. 6, Minuet II
Andante in F, K. 6, Satz
Minuet in D, K. 7, Minuet I
Traveling and Performing
The European Tour (1763-1766)
The London Sketchbook
Map of Mozart's Travels
Allegro in F, K. 15a
Andantino in C, K. 15b
Minuet in G, K. 15c
Contredanse in G, K. 15e
Rondeau, K. 15d
Contredanse in A, K. 15l
Allegro, K. 15aa
Presto, K. 15ll
Andante in E Flat, K. 15mm
Minuet in F, K. 15oo
Minuet in B Flat, K. 15pp
Minuet in E Flat, K. 15qq
Sonatina, K. 15p
Allegro in F, K. 33B
Growing Success
Struggling for Independence
A Mature Composer in Vienna
Mozart's Last Years
Marche funèbre, K. 453a
Minuet No. 1, K. 315a = 315g
Minuet No. 4, K. 315a = 315g
Adagio in C, K. 356 = 617a
Andantino, K. 236 = 588b
A Guide to Playing Mozart

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