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Totally Treble (Crazy Eights Series)
Totally Treble (Crazy Eights Series) Quantity in Basket: None
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TOTALLY TREBLE is designed for students of any treble clef instrument. This game covers 3 octaves of treble clef notes, from low E to high E. The games are versatile enough that you may use only the notes covered in lessons for your instrument.

A new rhythm game is added to help with those fundamentals. If someone skips a beat, everyone ends up laughing!

Totally Treble contains:
84 musical cards covering 3 octaves of treble clef notes, as well as special action cards.
3 colored suits of 26 cards, made up of:
22 Note Cards
1 Repeat Sign Card
1 Rest Card
1 Triplet Card
3 Accidental Cards
1 Cheat sheet Card
1 Musical Chair Card

Illustrated 32-page booklet of rules explaining 11 different games that cover a range of difficulty.

1 to 9 players

Ages 6+


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